Listen to Intact Houston On Air: The Circumision Decision


The lovely Pat Jones of the Whole Mother Show (90.1 KPFT) asked if I’d like to be interviewed for a live episode about routine infant circumcision. It was to be with local doula Debbie Hull, along with my Intact Houston co-director Abbie who’d offered to join me. I was so excited to be there (a little nervous, but mostly excited and actually feeling well-prepared!).

As fate would have it, the morning of the show I woke up with some sort of stomach bug. I haven’t had a stomach bug since I was a kid. (Why today, Universe?). Abbie blessed me with an amazing recipe for an activated charcoal drink that nicely settled my persistent urge to dry heave, though I guessed I might be contagious if it was a viral issue and decided it was best to stay home.

Thankfully, our newest director Amber (who officially came on board with our chapter just last week) was able to fill in for me. The two made a great team and their interview was educational, positive, eye-opening, and overall a big success. They discussed the lack of knowledge about foreskin care in the medical community, the danger of premature forced retraction, functions of foreskin, why parents choose to circumcise or not, and much more.

Check out the full episode below (it takes about thirty minutes but goes by quick!). Please share with your friends who are expecting children, birth workers, members of the medical community, family — this is something everyone needs to hear.


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