Baby-Led Solids

1). When to Start

“Food Before One is Just For Fun”

  • What Do the Experts Say?
  • Not Necessarily Signs of Readiness
  • Baby’s Ready to Munch!

2). Didn’t Your Mother Ever Tell You… Play With Your Food!

Basic Ideas of Baby-Led Solids

  • Principles of BLW
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ditch the Blender, Jar & Spoon ‘Airplanes’?

  • Convenience
  • Logic
  • Natural Development Stages
  • Nutrition & Health

3). Breastmilk, Safety & Special Situations

How Does BLW Work With Breastfeeding?

Safety Topics

  • Won’t the Baby Choke?
  • Choosing Healthy Foods

Special Situations

  • Additional Water
  • Groups at Risk of Poor Infant Feeding Practices
  • Premature/Slow-Developing Babies
  • Vegetarian Babies

BLW Resources (in each section above)


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