First — yes, my last name really is Milkowski, emphasis on the milk! I’m a homeshooling/unschooling mother of two boys, one born in 2012 and the other in 2016. I’m also a Houston-based childbirth instructor, holistic doula, placenta specialist, public speaker, author, and director of Intact Houston & Intact Texas. (Please check out my birth services at Your Labor Neighbor).

I started this blog in 2014 as an outlet for writing about my breastfeeding experiences, which include in no particular order:

  • tandem nursing
  • sleep nursing
  • breastfeeding during pregnancy
  • introducing solids while breastfeeding
  • full-term nursing (child-led weaning)
  • public breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding with a vegan diet
  • traveling while breastfeeding
  • donating breast milk

…and dealing with some obstacles like:

  • thrush
  • milk blebs
  • oversupply
  • clogged ducts
  • recurrent mastitis
  • nursing aversion
  • setting breastfeeding boundaries
  • family/stranger disapproval & harassment
  • pumping struggles
  • bad advice from medical professionals

Breast is ideal, breast is normal, breast is standard, and for young mammalian nurslings… breast is everything. Ideally, supplements and extras are unnecessary for young babies (no chaser!). Breastfeeding is “a biological imperative” (thanks, Alanis Morissette). Is breastfeeding itself an imperative for good parenting? Of course not. But until recently when formula became available, children could not thrive or even live without breastfeeding. And so it isn’t a lifestyle choice, it’s just how babies are naturally fed.

A nursing parent continues to give their best/their love/the utmost of their spirit and soul and body to their children, even after the milk runs dry. It’s how babies were designed to first learn about love. Yet, even after weaning, children enjoy a continued expression of the parent’s love in endless forms. I don’t think there’s one way a nursing journey should look. But here I’m sharing how it looks for me, and also introduce you to the many beautiful ways other folks nourish their children with human milk.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing!

Holly M.

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