A Fully-Stocked Bar (What’s in Breast Milk?)

1). Stages of Breast Milk


Transitional Milk

Mature Milk

  • Hindmilk & Foremilk

2). Medicine & Nutrition in Human Breast Milk

  • Medicine in Human Milk
  • Nutrition in Human Milk

3). Toxins vs. Good Factors in Human Breast Milk


  • A Polluted World Affects All Kinds of Infant Feeding
  • Toxins In Human Breast Milk
  • How These Substances Reach the Milk

Visual Aids: The Good Factors

  • Immunologic Factors Over Time
  • Anti-Bacterial Factors
  • Anti-Viral Factors
  • Anti-Parasite Factors
Photo Credit: Ana & Ivan Photography

Photo Credit: Ana & Ivan Photography

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