My Dear Toddler, I Want To Tell You Something You Already Know About Breastfeeding

Photo Credit: Yvette Michelle for the Normalizing Breastfeeding Project 2015

I want to tell you I love you. So I say it,

and you hardly look up from playing

with your trucks. My words are hardly heard,

you are so busy. Then soon enough you ask to nurse

on the couch, you request, and we curl up together.

You teach me that actions do speak louder than words.


10991221_2370475471830_6355326448767987295_n copy_________________________________

I want to tell you that you’re safe. That you’ll always

have a warm spot in my arms, next to my heart.

When you’re afraid, you can come here —

I will protect you if you need, I will stay

where you need me. When you’re in my arms,

you teach me about the depths of mutual trust.


10400059_2507045325991_7875665437301288374_n copy_________________________________

I want to tell you that I hear you.

The version of morse code eye-blinks

you sign while nursing to mean “I love you”

doesn’t go unseen. You teach me why

it’s important to be here for you.


I want to tell you that you are so special,

that your company is invaluable.


11156125_2418454671280_8968188284226437719_n copy_________________________________

I want to tell you all these things. And I do,

though you knew it all along, I hope so far back

as the womb and birth and the words that followed

embraces and moments with you. And of course

the sharing, the studying, the knowing of each other

as closer than allies; this gift, this connected

blessing, a bond made tangible through breastfeeding.


You see, it is not so separate from us,

it is part of us just like love.

I want to tell you, most of all,

that breastfeeding is love.

And I love you.



❤ Mama