D.I.Y. Postpartum Padsicles


Postpartum Padsicles bring soothing relief to sore, swollen, tender tissues after childbirth. Even if you didn’t tear or didn’t have an episiotomy, your (strong yet) sensitive passageway of life will thank you for looking out!

They fit nicely into those postpartum diapers or mesh panties you’ll be wearing for a while, too.

You’ll need about 18-24. I made 30 — just to cover my butt (ha).


  • Witch Hazel (alcohol-free)

I bought mine at Sprouts. I would have opted for an organic version, however I couldn’t locate one that didn’t contain alcohol. I ended up with the alcohol-free Thayer’s brand, which also contains aloe vera leaf.

  • Aloe Vera Gel**

I used Lily of the Desert’s “Gelly” brand because it’s made from certified organic aloe vera leaf, wasn’t tested on animals, and is free of parabens, artificial colors, and carrageenan. Also bottled in BPA-free containers. **Be sure to purchase a gel that is intended for topical use — NOT internal — to avoid throwing skin pH out of balance.

  • Essential Oil

I used DoTerra Lavender. This type of essential oil is purported to ease pain, inhibit bacteria and fungi, improve scar tissue, treat inflammatory skin conditions, and has a sedating, relaxing effect on one’s mood.

  • Postpartum/Maternity Pads

I don’t feel that synthetic materials are safe for sensitive body parts so I don’t normally use commercial pads. Natracare Maternity Pads were the number one type recommended to me. I bought three boxes of 10.

  • Freezer Bags

I put only three pads per bag, but feel free to organize more conservatively if you wish.

  • Wax Paper or Foil

If your pads come with a wrapper (unlike the Natracare 10-packs I ordered online), you can skip this item.









If your pads come with a wrapper, you can just re-wrap them and skip the paper or foil barrier.

Now stack them in the freezer. Remove a pad to use whenever the need arises during your postpartum healing. Feeling like spa day, right? Ahhhh… refreshing. 🙂