A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… When You Add Love, A Thousand More

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“A photograph is more than merely a picture…it is an heirloom [that] has the power to transcend generations” – Anel Lestage

Photos have always been so important to me. To please my especially nostalgic heart, I look back on photos often. To satisfy my desire to connect with others (as an especially introverted person), I share my photos often. And I love knowing that when I’m not around, a moment I lived is at least immortalized through another’s eyes behind a lens.

Of course, my favorite, most cherished photos feature my soulmates — my family.

Most recently, my littlest soulmate MaiTai joined me for a Natural Mama Nursing Photo Session with photographer Anel Lestage of Whimsy Candids Photography.

On her web site, Anel explained:

“It is my goal to capture the essence of the marvelous blessing that is motherhood from womb all the way to baby’s first year; as well as that tender, playful stage of the early years. I believe that for a mother, a photograph is more than merely a picture; it is an heirloom that speaks to her heart, delights her soul, and has the power to transcend generations, connecting her posterity to those who came before.”

Full-Term Nursing Photo Session

Honestly, I really wasn’t sure how this was going to pan out. Now nearly three years old, MaiTai no longer nurses on cue so I wasn’t even certain he’d want to nurse when it was time to shoot. I was nervous that I’d be wasting the photographer’s time if MaiTai wasn’t interested in nursing at our scheduled appointment, especially as he’d just nursed an hour before.

However, he often feels like nursing when in new situations and places, so I figured we still had a shot (pun — ha!).

What actually happened is that shy-ish MaiTai was very comfortable in the studio, thanks to Anel! She provided such a gentle, understanding energy that made MaiTai feel right at home. Between rolling around giddily on the draperies and pillows and indulging his inner camera ham, MaiTai crawled to me for some nursing interaction in the familiar, cozy positions we love so much in our own home.

There wasn’t too much direction or posing, just the photographer grasping for a certain organic something with her camera — something that’s otherwise intangible and invisible, and with thoughtful aim and a few button-clicks it gained real form. This “something” was the reward of a child’s love for his mother, and how loving him transforms her, too.

By the close of the session, I imagined we got one, two, maybe a few shots that reflected the inner tranquility we feel while nursing. To my pleasant surprise, it turns out a majority of the shots are now my favorite photos ever! So dreamy and ethereal… so peaceful, joyous, simple…

Anel gave her perspective about our session on her blog in this post.

nursing mother photo session | ©Whimsy Candids Photography

A Few Special Touches

Anel’s new Thank You boxes for her clients include a custom-made Thank You card, a wishing jar with “wishes” (dandelions) inside, a handwritten note, and her three favorite images from a session printed on quality Canon paper.

Truly a heartwarming gift to treasure forever. ❤



At the start of our viewing session, Anel played a beautiful 3 minute-long video of her favorite shots. Visit this page and scroll down to watch our super sweet slideshow.

(Beware if you’re a tad a hormonal — the music will play your heartstrings to the tune of dribbling tears. Okay, maybe that’s just me! 🙂 )

…Now a Whimsy Candids SpokesMama!

Because I love Anel’s work so much and truly believe in her natural approach to capturing familyhood, I recently decided to become a SpokesMama for Whimsy Candids. It’s an honor for me to have this opportunity to share Anel’s vision and the genuine, unique relationships it supports.

Now, what do I get for being a SpokesMama? As a SpokesMama, I’ll earn photos of my own for each person referred by me who chooses to sign up for a session with Whimsy Candids.

So, those of you located in the Katy, Cypress, Houston or surrounding areas: If you want to see more photos from me in the future (plus some of your own), book a session! Or if you just want to have photos of your own … book a session! How about for posterity? …then of course, consider booking a session 🙂

For inspiration, check out the Whimsy Candids’ standout portfolio or follow a few of her photography boards on Pinterest.

For questions, interest, or to check for availability updates, visit the Whimsy Candids Facebook page or contact Anel here.

I can’t wait to see your gorgeous photos!