A Mother’s Day Gift Made By… Mom Herself (Stay With Me Here)


Jewelry is a Mother’s Day go-to gift… Have you considered jewelry made with your own breast milk?
It’s just so awesome and healing and validating and … sigh… warming even the chilliest zones of my heart to know I have a material keepsake of the very first labor of love for my child. A labor of love just from me. Just between us. And one day he may very well forget all about our nursing days, but I’ll always remember — especially with a tangible preservation hanging over my heart.

The Designated Dad gifted me with this gorgeous locket from Hollyday Designs last year. I love it so much! The ordering process was so easy. I simply hand-expressed about an ounce or so of breast milk, sealed it in a small, airtight Ziploc bag within a larger, airtight bag; labeled it with our identifying information; and sent away in a regular sealed envelope. (The milk won’t be used for consumption so there’s no need to ensure food-grade quality shipping practice).


A few more options (of many) available by Hollyday Designs:

Circle of Life Stamped Breast Milk Pendant

Glass Breast Milk Locket

Arrow Breast Milk Locket

A few other sellers hand-make these pendants, too. I have not personally purchased from anyone besides Hollyday Designs, but I’ve heard through the milkvine that the ones listed below are reputable. (Note: I receive NO compensation from any business mentioned here).

From Beyond The Willow Tree

BreastMilk & hair pearl

Breast Milk & Hair Pearl

Mother's milk initials locket

Mother’s Milk Initials Locket

Surgical steel drop earrings: Breast Milk or Placenta

Surgical steel drop earrings: Breast Milk or Placenta

From Mommy Milk Creations

Petite Filled Tree of Life Breast Milk Pendant

Large Triple Breast Milk Pendant

Stacking Breast Milk Ring

Stacking Breast Milk Ring

You can also make your own breast milk jewelry (you made your own breast milk, so why not?). We tried making our own pendant-ready breast milk medallion first, heating and simmering and separating just as the result of Google searches directed, but we ended up scalding and wasting several ounces of “liquid gold.” Alas, I don’t personally recommend treading that route as inexperienced human milk preservers (purposeful emphasis, because following instructions for plasticizing bovine or other species’ milk *will not* work!).

If you’re confident with your cooking skills, try one of these do-it-yourself kits from Hollyday Designs. If you already have the supplies you need, simply follow the instructions in this detailed tutorial.

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