Very First Doctor’s Note for Baby (Copy & Bring to the Birth Hospital)


I’m a healthy full-term baby. I’m exclusively breastfed.

I trust that my Mommy knows best, so please ask her, _________ (mother’s name), whether it’s okay to give me anything other than her milk. This includes water, glucose syrup, formula, and even pacifiers.

I eat on-cue.

But please help my Mommy to breastfeed me every 1-3 hours while we’re in the hospital by tending to her childbirth recovery needs while she tends to mine.

I need to stay with my Mommy at all times.

Her designated birth partner, ________(birth partner’s name) will stay with me in the event that I might need to leave her side (let’s do all of my pediatric check-ups at the side of her bed or in her arms! Thanks!).

We’re both new to this, so we like to consider all decisions together very carefully.

  • We decided to postpone my first bath, so…

    Mommy will let you know when it’s okay to bathe me.

  • Also, I don’t want an unnecessary surgery right now, so…

    whether I’m a boy or a girl, my genitals will remain intact.

  • We have a limited list of approved visitors, so…

    please double-check about visitors because we need private time to bond.


With love and trust,

___________________________________________________ Mommy’s Signature

___________________________________________________ Baby’s Name