What it Looks Like to Breastfeed Eternally

This Nursaholic in Buenos Aires protects a tomb while protecting her tots…

Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires. Via the-mule.com

…she was here for quite some time, it seems, if evidenced by the foliage overgrowth… Typical of nursing babes!


Photo Credit: Neri Gomez Brahm

Is it just me or does she look like she’s crying? Sigh… been there, mama.


Here is a sleepy Nursaholic whose child has macaroni on his head.

Via the-mule.com

I see someone’s a little milk drunk…

Via the-mule.com

Well, this is one way to do it…?

In Korea; via indiemommy.tumblr.com

Blurry and blissful. Just like memories of the first weeks of breastfeeding (greater emphasis on “blurry”).

Park in Paris, France, via flicrhivemind.net

Twiddling: the most annoying infant reflex in all of history.

Via thebrickcastle.com

A rather creepy and gloomy depiction of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding her twins. Though I have to commend her on a double football hold enviable by any star quarterback.

“Landmark for Breastfeeding” by Daniel Edwards

How convenient would it be if all Nursaholics had laps like this?

Via flickr.com

Porcelain perfection! Or whatever this stone is. I’m not a statue expert, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now.

Via breastfeedinggurussydney.com

“Long dress, long hair, nips out, don’t care!”

The Vatican surmises that this Nursaholic is the goddess Isis. I suspect it’s a dude in a wig who’s just trying to get away with something.

Vatican Museum, via Paa.la

A hundred breasts but only one arm? But how is she going to surf Instagram while breastfeeding? I mean, um, how will she bond with her baby…


Who to call for reliable lawn service when your sprinkler heads break:

Via doublethink.us.com

Are mermaids technically mammals, or amphibians, or fish, or what? If not mammals, do they even technically have mammaries? One more question: does a mermaid’s milk taste saltier because she lives in the sea? Finally, are these stupid questions?

Breastfeeding Mermaid, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco. Photo Credit: Stephen Milkowski (thanks Dad!).

Breastfeeding Mermaid, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco.

Not the first or last time in history that a child has tried to breastfeed his mother’s belly button.

Vigeland Sculpture Park in Norway; via manyhandshouse.blogspot.com

The booby wrangler. Nowadays they call it a “bra.”

By Asmundur Sveinsson

This Egyptian Nursaholic Isis and her son Horus need to lighten up, for real. Maybe they just still feel a little weird that she conceived Horus with her brother.

Egyptian goddess Isis breastfeeding Horus; joshua-of-nazareth.org

A happy moment in the life of a peasant.

“Peasant woman nursing her baby,” UK, via flickr.com

This nursling holds onto his mother’s necklace, presumably in case she decides to look down, thereby crushing him with her strangely oversized, uh, should I even call it a head?

Via tedgreiner.info

Finally, one of these statue subjects has some decency and knows to use a cover!

“Mother and Child,” Switzerland, via photoree.com

If you boob it, they will come.

Statue in Bali, via Lizz Mozingo

I give this Nursaholic the bronze medal for awesome caregiving. I’d give her the gold, but she seems more like a bronze kinda gal.

Houdon mother breastfeeding, via ebay.com

The two naked dudes challenge each other to a pose-off; no one cares because there’s a woman breastfeeding in public between them.

Vatican museum, via vagabondvince.blogspot.com

Breast milk lasers. It’s the way of the future.

Via havingkittens.net

This Nursaholic offers us a lesson in latch. Now where were you right after I gave birth?

Via flickr.com

Baby’s all like, “Mama, you’re getting in the way of my booby!”

Mãe Preta (Black Mother) statue in a São Paulo square

Cool statues. Crazy lady.

“The Endless Bench” in Toronto, Canada; via waymarking.com

My favorite kind of Nursaholic moment. No words, only love.

By Jules Dalou, 1873; via babyhood-film.com

When baby-raising becomes a hair-raising ordeal…

Statue in Roatan Honduras

Oh! I get it. So if these statues are acceptable to see in public, given that they depict reality, it should be just as wonderfully normal to see the real thing!

“Fountain of the Four Seasons,” Iowa, via katywon on sodahead.com

Romulus and Remus. Made strong by she-wolf milk so they could make Rome.

13th century Lupa Capitolina statue of Romulus & Remus

We are mammals and this is what we do.

London Zoo; via the-mule.com

I just happened upon this mama bear randomly. I gave her many bear hugs. It seemed appropriate.


Me at the CA Academy of Sciences