Breastfeeding Art Series: Mythology

“The Origin of the Milky Way” by Tintoretto, 1575. National Gallery, London.

“The Origin of the Milky Way” by Rubens, 1577-1640. El Prado Museum, Madrid.

“Allegory on the Blessings of Peace” by Pieter Pauwel Rubens,1629-30. National Gallery, London

“Bacchanalia” by Peter Paul Rubens, 1615.

“Venus, Marte and Cupido” by Lucas Giordano, 1634-1705. Museo Capodimonte, Naples.

“Romulus and Remus” by Peter Paul Rubens, 1615-16

” Faustulus happening upon Romulus and Remus suckling on a she-wolf” by Nikolaos Gyzis

“The childhood of Romulus and Remus” by Gregorio Lazzarini, early 1700s. Saint-Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum.

By Giuseppi Cesari (1568-1640). In the hall of the Horatti and Curiatii, Conservatories Palace, Rome.