Breastfeeding Art Series: Black & White, Muted Tones

By M.C. Escher

“Mother and Child (No. 8)” by Shuzo Ikeda

Woodcut by Nicolas (Nico) Eekman

14 Howard on Breastfeeding


“Madonna And Child” by Curtis James

“Maternité” by Armand Rassenfosse. Original etching, 1929

Moeder en kind. by Armand André Louis Rassenfosse

By Phillip Smeeton

“Mother and Child” by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

LDS Sacrament Meeting, 1871

LDS Sacrament Meeting, 1871

“Maternite after Eugene Carriere” by kristianpurcell, 2010, via Flickr

By Eugene Carriere, 1897

Michelangelo study

Michelangelo study

Vincent van Gogh, 1881

Vincent van Gogh, 1881



By Daumier

Tender happiness, Jan Sluijters. Dutch (1881 - 1957) - Google Search. #embrace #lifeisagift #mothers #art

“Tender happiness” by Jan Sluijters

"Motherhood" by Stanisław Wyspiański, 1869-1907

“Motherhood” by Stanisław Wyspiański, 1869-1907

“La Maternidad” by Wifredo Lam Cuban, 1902–1982

By Van Gogh

By Beth Krommes

“Mother and Child” by Aage Sikker Hansen. Brooklyn Museum: European Art.

By Maurice Asselin


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