Breastfeeding Art Series: Impressions

A classic piece of art - Mary Cassatt, 1910. Baby John Being Nursed. #breastfeeding #art

“Baby John Being Nursed” by Mary Cassatt, 1910

“Young Mother Nursing Her Child” by Mary Cassatt, 1906

“Mother Rose Nursing Her Child” by Mary Cassatt, 1900

“Som la llet” (We Milk)

By Lilla Cabot Perry, 1906

“Maternidad” 1921

Alfred Philippe Roll (1846-1919), Louise Cattel Nourrice

“Hortense Breast Feeding Paul” by Paul Cezanne, 1839-1906

Human milk for human babies.

Via Mama Leaf, pinterest


Via Mama Leaf, pinterest

By Maurice Asselin

“Quand Meme” (Even When)

“Madame Renoir and Son Pierre” (Maternity) by Renoir, 1885

Mãe preta, 1912 by Peregrina Cultural on Flickr