31 Symbols: The Uterus Invades Art

“racine femme enceinte” via esprit-de-la-nature.fr

“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it. So should we.” – Ina May Gaskin

Skeleton in utero

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“Under the surface / her body is curled, / seed of the one race, / shell of the world. // She is the waterfall, / she is the womb, / she is the bubble, /she is the tomb. // Her hair flows upward, / blood red of the birth. / Her arms are folded / deep into the earth. // She is the fern, / she is the bark, / she is the lantern, / she is the dark. // Her eyes burn the flame / of the old and the young. / Her breath is the name / of each branch of each lung. // She is the ingredient. / She is the blend. / She is the beginning. / She is the end.”
Jay Woodman, Riding the Escalator and Terra Affirmative

I wish I knew the source of this - so beautiful. Found through someone else's pin but the link only took me to photobucket. Anyone?

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beautiful image - there is no higher form of life on Earth than man and woman and their children...respect life, respect life's Creator, respect yourself. Someone will take your baby if you can't, and be so very grateful for your gift.

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The Egg...David Delamare

“The Egg” by David Delamire

A 'nymph' or goddess found in the ancient Roman spa of Allianoi, Turkey. The healing waters flowed from her womb

A ‘nymph’ or goddess found in the ancient Roman spa of Allianoi, Turkey. The healing waters flowed from her womb. Via Pinterest.

by Chertkova Svetlana Titled

“Between the End and Beginning” by Chertkova Svetlana. The artist states: “Those who complete the process of death and rebirth are connected to the true source of spirituality and realize that the roots of the mechanistic and materialistic world is fear – fear of birth and the fear of death.”

By Andrew Trimmer

Altar: Goddess #Altar.

Goddess altar, via Flickr


By Alex Grey

Macry Cave

Macry Cave, via naturalarches.org

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“Sanctuary” by Sarah Treanor

The lines between art and science blurred in Davinci's mind. :) He actually dissected dead human corpses to perfect these images. The church of course condemned him for his acts...had they know :P

Sketches by Leonardo da Vinci

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“I Was Raised by the Forest” Pen and Ink, via Tumblr

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Inside the womb carving via Tumblr

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emergence, rebirth, from the womb of the mother earth ~ ladygayle

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“Mother Earth” by Germaine Arnatauyck. Contemporary Inuit artwork.

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“The Nature of the Womb” by Alex Stoddard

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