What Babies Aren’t

pizza-in-box copyBabies aren’t pizzas.

They’re not delivered… They’re born.

Time card

Babies aren’t punches on a time card.

They don’t come “too early” or “too late.” They meet us when they’re meant to.

250600_you__me_soft_baby_doll__styles_vary_6_ copy

Babies aren’t dolls.

Their noises have meaning. They can’t be “put away.” Their bodies are worth respecting.

Mixed-breed puppy, and a American Curl cat, white background.

Babies aren’t pets.

They don’t perform tricks for us. We are their guardians, not their owners.

A pile of bills /junk mail with a final notice bill on top. Add your own text and address.

Babies aren’t utility bills.

They aren’t “due.” They’re anticipated.

moldy_strawberry_s copy

Babies aren’t expired produce.

They aren’t spoiled. Their wants are still not separate from their needs.

a84c4664ed6e591e9f3729ee6d081f62 copy

Babies aren’t villains.

They aren’t “bad” or “being bad.” Babies aren’t capable of misbehavior or malice.

scam-artist copy

Babies aren’t con artists.

They aren’t manipulating you. They aren’t liars. In fact, perhaps babyhood is the most honest stage of being.

best-bait-for-fishing-leech copyBabies aren’t leeches.

They aren’t taking everything and giving nothing in return. Maybe all your resources are gone… but have you noticed what you got in exchange?


Babies aren’t circus animals.

They aren’t to be trained or “broken” of their natures.

Ten-10-Dangerous-Viruses-for-Your-Health copy

Babies aren’t contagious viruses.

They shouldn’t be quarantined, left isolated and alone for periods of time, to protect caregivers from needing to provide care.

Young couple consults at the psychologist

Babies aren’t therapists.

Having a baby won’t fix your relationship problems or unresolved personal crises.

PublicAccessArea copy

Babies aren’t public property.

They aren’t made for strangers to touch, fondle, kiss, pinch, tickle, or grope.

I was a baby. You were a baby.

Remember? ❤