Julep’s Water Birth at Home


This is the story of my second child’s birth. My first son MaiTai was born three and a half years ago in a hospital. (I’ll share details of that tale in a future post).

***BEFORE YOU READ: Again, this is a birth story. If you’re not accustomed to reading real birth stories, are uncomfortable with images of birth-related nudity, or have a very particular definition of what’s TMI, you might consider skipping this post.***

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Introducing Baby Julep!

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Our second-born son is finally in our arms!

Baby Julep (as usual, not his real name) was born into water at home on April 28th, at 7 lb, 6.5 oz. He was eagerly welcomed earthside by his big brother MaiTai with a special cord burning ceremony.

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14 Differences: First vs Next Pregnancy Concerns


Some worries of a first-time mother during pregnancy: Will my baby be okay? Will labor be like that again? Will I know all the answers to the parenthood dilemmas that stump me? Many worries like these plague experienced mothers, too, but it’s definitely different the second time around.

Based on what seems to be common between treatment of first pregnancies by novice mothers-to-be and subsequent ones by their older, wiser selves, I made this list of maternity concerns and progression of reactions.

(Every mother reacts to each pregnancy in her own way that’s impossible to predict. I’m sure many of you had pregnancy tales that contradict these below, but I tried to just stick to a line or two. Feel free to leave a comment about how you can relate or how you felt dissimilarly!)

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