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1st Nationwide Miracle Milk Stroll by Best for Babes – May 10th at locations across US and Canada


The Global Big Latch-On – Aug. 1st & 2nd

World Breastfeeding Week – Aug. 1st-7th


World Milk Sharing Week – Sept. 24-30th


International Nestle-Free Week – Oct. 27th-Nov. 2nd. For the protection of  breastfed & formula-fed babies.

B.I.R.T.H. Fair – Oct. 4th

October is Attachment Parenting Month!


Birth Without Fear Conference (various locations). Register here.

LLL Area and Affiliate Conferences (various locations). Call the numbers listed in the link for more info and registration materials or call LLLI at 847-519-7730 and ask for Ext. 218.


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Posts on Events: Archives

Attached Parents at Work 5k Giveaway – (I won something! Woohoo!)

Let’s Get Hospitals to Stop Being Hos-pitiful! – 1st Annual Miracle Milk Stroll

Take 5 Shots: Priceless Things at LLL Texas Area Conference 2014

Take 9 Shots: The Coolest Things at MommyCon – Austin 2014

‘The Big Latch On’ 2014 with Baby’s Breastie

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Set an Example

Say Thank You: Have you seen a mother breastfeeding in public? Not sure what to say when this happens? You don’t need to say a thing — just hand her one of these cards! Keep a few in your purse for this very occasion. Then prepare yourself for some sniffles and tears.


Breastmilk Counts campaign also offers these cards available for download.


“Oops! You caught me breastfeeding…”: Print out these awesome booby business cards and keep them in your wallet. Hand them to anyone who takes a particular interest in your breastfeeding while out and about.

Taboo Unlatched: Participate in this photography project — start with this questionnaire


The International Breastfeeding Symbol offers these tips that could make a real difference:

“Teach by example: Breastfeed. Whenever possible, breastfeed in public in a manner that makes you comfortable.

If you cannot breastfeed but you are lactating, express your milk into a clean container and bottle-feed your pumped milk. This takes time and dedication and can sometimes feel like a chore, but the outstanding benefits (compared to even the best formula) are worth the effort…

Try not to judge anyone who is already bottle feeding her baby. Nobody likes to be preached to, and certainly nobody likes to be judged. You never know what challenges a mother feeding her child formula has had to face, nor what her infant’s specific needs are. Yes, typically breastfeeding is best, but chances are the woman who chooses to bottlefeed has a good reason for doing so (or several). Also, keep in mind that what’s in the bottle could very well be breast milk. Though bottlefeeding breast milk is not exactly breastfeeding, it’s very nearly as good for both the mother and baby, and often in situations like this, the mother has had very little choice about the matter. Do try to remain sensitive to this.”

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Share Your Stories

Send me your breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and genital integrity stories!

Whether they are multiple pages or a simple paragraph, all genuine accounts can be accepted.

Breastfeeding: Tell me what makes you a Nursaholic. How did you meet your breastfeeding goals, or fail to meet them? Did you even set any goals? Why or why not? What effect has breastfeeding had on you as a mother? As a wife or partner? How about as a person?

Even if you only attempted to breastfeed for a few days or weeks but certain challenges forced you to ultimately take an alternative feeding route, we want to hear your special story. Even if you never breastfed but wish you did, send me that story because it needs to be heard, too.

I will use first names and last initial only unless otherwise indicated, and can change names for privacy if desired. Please attach a high resolution photo of you and your nursling. Connect with me via my Contact page to pose questions, or send in your story via email to for feature on Mama’s Milk, No Chaser.

Photo Credit: Ana & Ivan Photography

Photo Credit: Ana & Ivan Photography

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Speak Up



  • Ban the Bags: Inform mothers-to-be that “hospitals should market health, and nothing else.”

Nestle free zone


  • Planning a Nurse-In? Use this Action Form by Nursing Freedom for promotion and advertisement of your cause.

Nurse-In at Facebook’s Annual Meeting of Stockholders, 2013 via


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