Celebration of the Breast Calendar


I’m SO excited about this pair of calendars!

An idea inspired by Nicole Deelah of Sage Beginnings Doula Services and professionally shot by Blue Fitzcarraldo of Blue Fitz Photography, this was a fun and beautiful project to work on.

We had an open call for any and all women who wished to be involved and welcomed those who wanted to participate in either version of the calendar.

Each month explores different themes that speak of the female breast’s power. What it is, how it works, what it looks like, what it does, its simultaneous oppression and influence. Here we have a monthly cycle framing the history and functions of the very body part that defines our species.

The female breast is life-giving. Fascinating. Unique. A marker of milestones. Misunderstood. All the while, totally, utterly normal. For a variety of reasons, we believe everyone benefits from getting used to seeing breasts — especially used as biologically intended, reflected in art, for education, or otherwise for sexual expression as the owner of the breast chooses.

We made two versions of this calendar:*



is bright and gorgeous. Perfect for an office wall, or a kitchen fridge.


is provocative and challenges social expectations. (Please be aware it contains what some may consider to be somewhat mature themes and/or suggestive imagery).

*Images above are examples of what you’ll find inside.

Too hard to choose? If you decide to purchase both in the same order, you will receive a special discount — a savings of $10! Better yet, all proceeds go to a great cause (read more on that below).

THANK YOU for  supporting The Breast better than any bra ever could. 🙂

Click below to order a Celebration of the Breast 2017 Calendar.

Shipping is included for domestic orders. For international orders, please email MilkowskiHolly@gmail.com.



About the Proceeds

Proceeds from these calendars will go directly to The INTACT Network and Intact Houston. These are not-for-profit organizations directed by Saving Our Sons, whose mission is to bring an end to the genital cutting of minors and ensure equal genital autonomy rights for all. All funds donated are used for educational materials, hosting local awareness-raising events/presentations, and protecting those who are at risk of unnecessary genital harm.