This One’s On Me

So this is me, Holly Milkowski, an oft-topless server at the milk bar that my favorite little patrons (nurslings who I’ll call “MaiTai” and “Julep”) like to frequent for on-cue Happy Hours. I’m also wife of “The Designated Dad” (not really his name either).

But yes, my last name really is Milk-owski!


What’s MMNC All About?

I started MMNC as a virtual ‘Happy Hour’ for mothers who are interested in attachment parenting.

Seriously, it’s hard enough for new mamas to squeeze in a shower that doesn’t involve playing peekaboo through the curtain, let alone make it to a real Happy Hour with the ladies (and booze, remember that? No, not boobs…booze!) without feeling hormonal, sad, and increasingly panicked that you’re not at home getting your baby sweetly drunk on Mama’s Milk instead (especially at first, it feels like we’ve got nothing but BOOBs — that is, Breastfeeding On Our Brains!).

The two main things happening at MMNC:


Because breast is ideal, breast is normal, breast is standard, and for young mammalian nurslings… breast is everything. Ideally, no supplements or extras are necessary for young babies (no chaser!). Breastfeeding is “a biological imperative” (thanks, Alanis Morissette). Is breastfeeding itself an imperative for good parenting? Of course not. But until recently when formula became available, children could not thrive or even live without breastfeeding. And so I don’t believe that breastfeeding is a lifestyle choice, it’s just how babies are normally fed.

Photo Credit: Ana & Ivan Lifestyle Photography

Photo Credit: Ana & Ivan Lifestyle Photography

Because mama continues to give her best/her love/the utmost of her spirit and soul and body to her children even after her milk runs dry. It’s how babies were designed to first learn about love. Yet, even after weaning children enjoy a continued expression of mama’s love in endless forms. I don’t think there’s one way to breastfeed. But here I’ll share with you how *I* am doing it, and also introduce you to the many beautiful ways that other Nursaholics do it.


Photo Credit: Ana & Ivan Lifestyle Photography

Because mama’s milk gets our babies so milk drunk and turns us mamas into such Nursaholics that no chaser could kill this good-vibin’ booby buzz! Breastfeeding has been one of the greatest joys of my mothering life. I also find great happiness and solidarity in knowing that it’s one of the greatest joys in the mothering lives of many who do it.

Photo Credit: Sugarsnap Photography


You know what happens at ‘Ladies’ Night’ after you become a mom. You meet the ladies for cocktails and end up gossiping for hours — about your babies! You discuss toddler Halloween outfits as if they were featured on the cover of Vogue, and you mix Cheerios with the wine pairings because your brain is now convinced those versatile little kid munchies cannot fail to make the world a happier place.

With a connection to your inner child, plus the authorities of age… motherhood can equal a pretty ideal place to be. For many of us, nothing has required so much and given so much to us at the same time — as mothering. So yep, let’s talk about it!


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