What We’re ‘Doing’ About Santa

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Does your family approach Santa in a somewhat unconventional way, too?

Let's and Say We Did

“So what are you doing about… Santa?

Now that MaiTai is a bit older and aware of the holiday happenings around him, I’ve run into this question a handful of times.

In fact, I’ve run into this question more times than MaiTai has even asked about or mentioned Santa on his own.

It’s like some weird conspiracy. Before you can openly talk about — *lowers voice*Santa, you have to double check with the adult guardians of nearby children if they ‘know’ or not and what they’re ‘doing’ about him. This applies equally to families who eschew the secretness of Santa as well as those who promote it.

We weren’t going to make a ‘thing’ about Santa, like ever… but since it appears many others view this personification of Christmas as an issue to be dealt with… I feel I need to release this perspective to those…

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