Captain’s Log: Return Voyage to Pregnancy

12314618_2606752538609_1721588622997250982_o copy


Pregnancy months one – two.

We begin our maiden expedition into the land of building second offspring. No visible change upon the breast terrain. Toddler says one side tastes “yucky” and, with a smile, other side tastes “new.”


Pregnancy month three.

Thrown slightly off course by swelling of waters… in my breasts. Toddler has mostly lost interest in nursing. Could it be a navigational error? Perhaps unrelated, but also introduced the distraction-causing Minions movie at this time.


Pregnancy month four.

Breasts noticeably heavier. Might want to consider wearing a bra again? Toddler has rediscovered the treasure chest and now begs on a near daily basis to consume the bounty. I show him mercy, for I know he risks no mutiny.


Pregnancy months five – ?

We press onward, with faith in this previously traversed map that should steer us down the familiar paths of pregnancy, feeding, and weaning yet again.


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