Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas: Part 1

Three years ago, I was 8 months pregnant and searching at the last minute for a bump-friendly Halloween costume. Something affordable, not too tight, not too scary… At the 13th hour we came up with our winning idea: I would be “PregNUNt” (a knocked-up nun) and The Designated Dad joined me as “Our Holy Father-To-Be.”

I haven’t yet decided how I’ll dress up this year as an expecting mom again, but I’ve already started gathering inspiration. Here are a few ideas I really like. (Also don’t miss Part Two of this post series):

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For Animal Lovers

Cat, Cow, Other Mammal…

Teats, udders, nipples — all mammals have ’em, even you! Now’s the time for Halloweening… you can think about that other kind of weaning much later.





Name change: “Preg-asus.” Wings not optional.



Name change: “Preg-osaurus Rex.” Tiny arms not optional.

Pregasaurus Rex Maternity T-Shirt via

Mama Bear

An older sibling can wear a shirt that says “Bear Cub,” and for dad, “Papa Bear.” Other ideas: don a bear hat or mask, and dangle a rubber trout from your mouth. Whatever you do, make sure everyone knows you don’t mess with mama bear!


A taste of the “Mom-supial” life.

Adult Kangaroo Halloween Costume via Pink Queen

Bird’s Nest & Egg

A good way to hint that your baby’s name is Robin.


Squirrel & Acorn

Finally, an excuse to act nutty during pregnancy…

Squirrel and Acorn

For Movie Buffs & Celeb Followers

Juno MacGuff from Juno

You can get these clothes for cheap at Salvation Army, but you know they’re already hiding somewhere in the depths of your closet.


Pocahontas from the Disney’s Pocahontas

Name change: “Prega-hontas.” Even better if you’re expecting multiples because then you can spend the night singing “Colors of the Twins.”


Megara from Disney’s Hercules

Name change: “Preg-ara.”


Bella Swan from Twilight

If only pregnancy were as quick for all mamas as it was for Bella…The most important question: Will your baby’s father be Team Edward or Team Jacob?


Wilson ball from Castaway

Just might prepare you for the island of isolation that is often new motherhood. Ah, on a positive note, your partner gets to yell “Wiiiiiiillllsoooonnnn!” all night. And you get to bob around in total silence (read: peace).


Jessica Simpson as “Mummy-to-be”

Jessica was feeling fancy enough to use what appears to be some fancy eyelet fabric for her mummy costume. But we both know value-size paper towels will do just fine.

Fat Elvis

We all know “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” is basically a song about pregnancy brain. Also name change: “Elvis Preg-ley”?

Old Fat Elvis


Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”

Hormones have turned you into an emotional trainwreck. Let Miley help you express your pregnancy woes with the force of a thousand twerks.


Clever Characters & Humor

The Cheerleader


The Barbie

The Hooters Waitress


The Nun

Name change: “PregNUNt.” For Halloween, sister turns sinner.

23933_1702897102788_696087314_n copy

The Beer Gut

If you must stay sober for nine months, at least you can pretend-live vicariously through your sloppy redneck alter ego. I had to post a bunch because.. genius.





Shotgun Wedding

They got one shot… and nailed it. Happily ever after!



Pot O’ Gold

What could be luckier than your golden child at the end of a rainbow?

Little Red Riding Hood

Name change: Little “Preg” Riding Hood. Yes, all the food in that basket is for her. Don’t bother asking to share because #StraightOuttaCravings.


Headless Horseman


When You Need An Easy Cliche Everyone Will “Get”

Jar of Prego

Because pregnant mamas are super saucy!

Via pinterest

Bun in the Oven

This can only mean one thing…


The Chef

Cooking up a person… but not to eat! Or to garnish! Weirdos… Please, just don’t make your partner wear something that says “I Had The Secret Ingredient.”

Maternity Baker Adult Halloween Costume via

Ice, Ice Baby

Elicit the help of two friends for this, or simply wear a shirt that says “Ice Ice” above your belly.

When Involving Other Siblings

Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, etc.

Lil’ Peanut



Mommy’s Cravings

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