I Have a Womb to House a Babe (# 2)


The Designated Dad and I, we like multiples of our favorite things.

Such as books. We have upwards of 1,800 books in our house — more than one per square foot, if you want to look at it that way.

And toys. MaiTai has, as he would say, “so so so so soooooo many toys.”

We also love windchimes; you can find at least one in every room of our home.

Now, children. We need more of these because they’re our front-running favorite.

So come April, we will welcome another into our family!

Here’s our announcement for baby number two:

pregannounce copy

I Have a Womb

I have a womb to house a babe

A cozy room where she can stay

Until her body’s fully made

So if I might and if I may

I’ll sing and chant and then I’ll pray

Please, let me house my babe this way

I know the cost — for that I’ll pay

Because my womb wants her today.

~ by Holly