We Are All Made of Woman Untamed


“We Are All Made of Woman Untamed”

We hold our grandmothers’ unsaid words of wild poetry in our throats,

a passed-down vocabulary waiting to be heard aloud by a generation more willing;

we hold the restricted desires of our mothers in our guts,

once bled from the cord through our bellies, filling them heavy

with emotional histories that grew our bodies; we hold

the secret, present urges of our sisters in our extremities,

helping us to move toward common wild attractions,

to notice when we meet our reflections; we hold

the undeveloped seeds of our children in our wombs,

wherein the feminine aspects of our daughters

and sons may sprout, a million possibilities

for life that come right along with our own.

Every human is made of this lineage of femininity,

unchained and untamed.

“We are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn.”