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Keychain by Wood & Thyme

Keychain by Wood & Thyme

All you need to breastfeed is a boob, a baby, and milk. But don’t tell that to whoever shares your bills! What you really need is an excuse to shop. Here’s some nice-to-haves for the weeks, months, or years that you end up breastfeeding. Yep, more stuff to add to the laundry pile and to claim needed closet space, but you know what I say — with great shopping comes great responsibility!




Cute Clothes

Hospital Onesie by KarmensCloset on Etsy

Breastfeeding Onesie!

Eat Local Onesie for Baby

Onesie by NurtureMe on Etsy

Breastfeeding Onesie, Toddler Nursing, Applique, Love, Custom Love Breastfeeding

“I Don’t Always Drink Milk” Onesie

The Badass Breastfeeder “My Mom is a Badass Breastfeeder” Toddler T-shirt

Onesies by NurtureMe on Etsy

Breastfeeding Onesie, Appliqued Breastfeeding Onesie, Shirts Also, Nursing shirt, Natural Parenting. Love Breastfeeding, Cute Baby Onesie

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Natural Toys & Stuff


The Natural Baby Company

terra tots

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Advocacy Shirts

#normalizesociety T-shirt

Image of #normalizesociety Womens Tee

Eat Local Tee for Mom

AustinMama’s Right to Feed T-shirt

AustinMama's "Right to Feed" Pink T-Shirt

Supply/Demand Duet

Miracle Tank by Best for Babes

“Best for Babes” long-sleeve shirt

Peace Love Breastfeeding tee

Peace, Love & Breastfeeding Women's Plus Size Scoo

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Funny & Fashiony Shirts

“Baby at the Breast” Tee by Baby Milk Action

Kiwi t-shirt

Bad Girls of Breastfeeding tee by Mama Pear Designs

Bad Girls of Breastfeeding, V-neck T-shirt, size Small

Better Together shirt by Mama Pear Designs

"Better Together" Gray, V-neck T-shirt, size Small

Express Yourself breastfeeding tee

Express Yourself Breastfeeding Women's V-Neck Dark

Mother’s Milk Eco Black tee by Hot Mama Ink

Too Lazy to Bottlefeed T-shirt

Cute Breastfeeding Advocacy Women's Dark T-Shirt


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Nursing & Pumping Bras

You need a pumping/nursing bra that fits, not some Franken-bra that kinda-sorta zips up fine on one side and Velcros “enough” in the back. Try this virtual nursing bra fitting to find the size that works best for your shapeshifter bust.

PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bra

 Comes in lots of cute colors and patterns! See?

The Sadie Tank by the Dairy Fairy

Sadie All in One Tank Creme

Available in black and creme. Heard good things about this tank, though I’ll admit it does kind of look like a white flag of surrender…

The Arden Bra by The Dairy Fairy

Arden Bra Slate

Available in five colors. Has adjustable notches to let your breasts breathe when they’re engorged or keep them supported when they’re running on empty.

Dita Von Teese Maternity Lingerie at Destination Maternity


Von Follies by Dita Von Teese

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Nursing in Public

Guess what — you can wear ANYTHING YOU WANT when you are in public and breastfeeding. You can wear your “normal” clothes and pull them up or down to give your baby access to the goods. There’s no rule, law, or social convention saying that you must (or should) use a cover, that you have to figure out different layering methods, or do anything else “special” if it doesn’t make YOU comfortable (chances are, your baby may not be so comfy under a cover either).

Modesty can be defined only by the mother, not by passersby or clothing companies. If special nursing tanks and covers give you confidence to feed your baby, by all means, get shopping!

Undercover Mama tank-tops

The Annee Matthew for Best for Babes Nursing Shirt

The Melinda G Best for Babes Nursing Cami

You can use a burp cloth, scarf or pretty shawl to drape over a shoulder to cover exposed skin if YOU feel better covered up. I can’t recommend any of the bib-type covers.

Oh wait, I CAN recommend this cover… Hey, a mama’s head’s gotta stay warm you know?

Vogue Netherlands magazine cover, Oct. 2013

But seriously. If you really want to avoid having any skin showing, try this one out! Just fasten around your neck and presto – not a centimeter of your totally-offensive body parts can be seen!

Make sure you’ve taken care of others, too — don’t just think about yourself! Carry around this Tula Woven Wrap to share with gawkers.


Annee Matthew

Undercover Mama

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Boob Beanie

Nursing Necklaces

Many natural baby/parenting stores sell nursing necklaces, and lots of crafty people sell these on Etsy, too. Keep one in your purse and break it out for nursing sessions when your baby is going through an easily-distracted phase. The necklaces have interesting textures (wood, crochet) and even smells (clove) that will help baby refocus on the task at hand — eating, not hair-pulling and people-watching!

“Side Reminder” Nursing Bracelets by MilkBands

In the first weeks, you may want to pay close attention to how long your baby nursed on each breast and which breast needs attention next. Keep a bracelet on the side that needs to be nursed next as a reminder (you can’t be expected to remember everything!) MilkBands style lets you note times, if that’s your thing. You can also just use a scrunchie that you wouldn’t take off to wear in your hair, or a gummy nursing bracelet that doubles as a baby distractor.

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Nuroo Carrier

Co-sleeping Bassinet by Arm’s Reach

Koalakin Nursing Pouch

My Brest Friend Adjustable Nursing Stool

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow



KoalaKin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch

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Pumping Gear




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Teat Treats

Bamboobies breast pads

Lactation Cookies

Coconut Oil for nipple healing


Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

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